Your First Visit

What to Expect on Your First Appointment

Once you arrive to Oceana Vein Specialists you will be asked to fill out a new patient packet and complete an automated symptom questionnaire on one of our iPads. One of our highly trained staff members will bring you into an ocean view exam room and ask a few follow-up questions and complete the check-in process.  Next, Dr. Isadore will meet with you and discuss your concerns and symptoms, perform a focused physical exam and form a treatment plan.  If your symptoms suggest an underlying vein condition, an ultrasound of your leg veins be performed in order to diagnose the underlying vein anatomy.  Most patients with strictly cosmetic concerns specific to spider veins will not need an ultrasound examination.

Typically, the first step in treatment of varicose veins is conservative management and a compression stocking trial. Documented compression stocking treatment is required by insurance providers and medicare for a period of time (usually 8-12 weeks) before they will agree to reimburse for definitive treatment.  We have a variety of compression stockings available for purchase, at no mark-up, as a service to our patients.  Conversely, we can write you a prescription for stockings and you can purchase them from CVS (which typically cost about twice our no mark-up pricing).  After your ultrasound is completed and underlying venous disease is verified, a full treatment plan will be developed and insurance authorization will be obtained.  For our cash paying patients or patients utilizing the CareCredit option, typically we will go straight to definitive treatment options such as ablation or sclerotherapy, without the long compression stocking trial.

Free Vein Consultation

Oceana Vein Specialists offer free 15-minute vein consultations for new patients. This is meant to be an educational visit in order to introduce our practice and to provide educational materials. This is not meant as a complete initial patient visit and no history or physical exam will be performed. If your concerns suggest a vein condition, we will schedule you for a return visit which will include a full history and physical and possible Ultrasound examination. If you know you have venous disease and suffer from varicose veins, you may prefer to just schedule a full initial patient visit as opposed to the 15 minute free educational visit.


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