Leg or Ankle Swelling

Leg swelling, also known as edema, is swelling caused by an abnormal build up of fluid within the soft tissues. Leg swelling most often occurs at the ankle and calve region and may be a sign of venous disease. Leg swelling can occur when veins are not working properly, which allows fluid to accumulate within the soft tissues. If you experience leg swelling, it is important to be evaluated by a vein expert.

Treatment for Leg Swelling
The treatment for edema depends on the underlying cause of the edema. An ultrasound examination can be performed to identify any underlying venous disorder, which can be easily treated by the Vein experts at Oceana Vein Specialists. If there are no other contributing causes, the edema should mostly resolve after treatment of hte underlying venous disease. Sometimes edema is cause by problems with the lymphatic system, which may or may not improve after vein treatment.

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