The presence of leg ulcers signifies the most advanced stage of venous disease. Ulcers form due to abnormal blood flow and increased pressure within regions of vein disease, typically near the ankles and calves. In a majority of patients with leg ulcers, vein disease is the underlying source of the problem. A cornerstone of treatment for venous leg ulcers is the proper diagnosis and treatment of the underlying vein disorder.

Treatment Options for Leg Ulcers
The treatment for venous leg ulcers involves local wound care combined with treatment of the underlying venous disorder. Research has shown that abnormal veins underneath a leg ulcer transmits much higher pressure to the skin region, which accelerates skin breakdown and ulcer formation. The underlying abnormal vein is treated with minimally invasive techniques such as radiofrequency ablation, which effectively closes the vein and helps restore proper blood flow to the region.

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