Venous Ulcer Treatment

Ulcers of the lower legs may be due to an underlying venous condition, in fact 70-90% of all lower extremity ulcers are due to an underlying venous condition.  Oceana Vein Specialists are experts in diagnosing the cause of a lower extremity ulcer as well as treating the underlying vein condition.  Venous ulcers heal much faster once the underlying venous reflux is corrected.  Typically, a venous ulcer has an associated perforator vein, which is a vein that communicated high pressure deep venous blood to the surface of the skin, causing skin breakdown over time.  Oceana Vein Specialists treat the underlying vein reflux, as well as treat underlying perforator veins using the ClosureRFS Stylet.  The ClosureRFS Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Stylet is the only intravascular ablation device specifically intended for the treatment of abnormal perforator and tributary veins. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure leaves minimal scarring at the puncture site and can either be the primary treatment or an adjunct treatment using the ClosureFast RF Catheter.

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