Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatments

The two treatments Oceana Vein Specialists offers for surface spider veins are the VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment System and Sclerotherapy. Both of these techniques are highly effective in removal of unwanted spider veins with minimal discomfort. Oftentimes, a combination of both the VeinGogh Treatment System and Sclerotherapy will be used in order to fully treat these tiny surface spider veins.

How Much Does Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatment Cost?
Spider vein treatment is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, and is not covered by insurance. Please refer below for the prices of each treatment. Oceana Vein Specialists will create a comprehensive treatment package in order to fully address your cosmetic concerns.

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy with Asclera

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy is a technique to treat surface spider veins by injecting a tiny volume of irritant into the vein, causing it to close over time. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is a simple and quick procedure usually takes about 30 minutes per session. At Oceana Vein Specialists we use Aslcera solution for Sclerotherapy and pricing is per vial of Asclera. Our regular price is $450/vial for Spider Vein Sclerotherapy, as Asclera is generally more expensive and better tolerated than other solutions.

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VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment System

The VeinGogh Treatment System is an effective way to treat surface spider veins and produces incredible results. VeinGogh can safely treat any skin type and color, including tanned skin, without the need for compression stockings after treatment. VeinGogh uses ground breaking Microburst Technology which helps produce and deliver consistent power to the target veins, producing more effective and consistent results. Our regular price is $450/session which typically focuses on 1 or 2 areas of the leg.

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